Obituary of Margaret Moth

According to the Star Tribune, CNN photojournalist Margaret Moth, 59, died Sunday. They said a CNN spokesperson confirmed Moth died in Rochester, MN, in hospice care. She had terminal colon cancer, according to her CNN obituary.

Both sources profiled Moth as an independent, fearless woman who was always looking for challenges and who never complained--even after enduring a gunshot wound to the face and surviving. The Star Tribune said she changed her name from Margaret Wilson to Margaret Gypsy Moth because she said she wanted to have her own name, not one determined by her father.

The Star Tribune said Moth started with CNN in 1990 and covered the Israeli invasion of the West Bank in 2002, the rioting following Indira Gandhi's assassination in 1984 and other world conflicts, including some in the Middle East.

The CNN obituary focused more on Moth's personality than her job. They included quotes that peg her as humorous and fearless, whereas the Star Tribune portrayed her more like a female role model.

Both obituaries work, but together they complete the picture of who this woman was. She was a local character to those who worked with her and to us who may have seen her coverage on TV. The obituaries both said Moth said it was important for her to know she had lived her life to the fullest, and when she died she felt she had done that.

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