9/11 museum

New Yorkers' post-9/11 clean-up experience will be recreated in a memorial museum, the Star Tribune reported.

The Tribune posted some examples that will be included in the museum.

They said some of these examples are: a woman paying respects over dozens of candles, flowers, teddy bears and a construction worker's helmet; a three-pronged trident column from a trade center tower rising out of a pile of recovered steel;homemade memorials that covered the city after the terrorist attacks (notably in Manhattan's Union Square, where relatives came with pictures of the missing); and other re-creations of shrines that were displayed during the city's eight-month cleanup.

The Star Tribune also reported that the museum's director, Alice Greenwald, said the museum will be enhanced with audio. She said by using cell phones and other recording technology, visitors will be able to hear witness's recorded testimony of the event, radio transmissions, and interviews with people (including rescue workers and evacuees) within minutes of the collapse. There will also be listening stations featuring stories from survivors, volunteers, and victims whose homes or businesses were destroyed.

There will also be a "Where were you on 9/11?" gallery, the Tribune said, where visitors can see multimedia of what people across the globe were doing when the attack occurred. They will also be able to add their own memories to the collection at the end of their visit.

The museum is projected to open in 2012, the Star Tribune said.

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