Arizona's new illegal immigration law

Arizona's governor Jan Brewer signed a bill into law Friday regarding illegal immigration, despite criticism from both the president and a crowd of protesters. WCCO reports on the event.

An article on their website says hundreds of people gathered to protest the illegal immigration bill, which now allows police to question anyone who they think is in the United States illegally. The protesters say the new law violates civil rights that Latino-American citizens are supposed to have. In the video footage, the crowd is shown gathered close to one another.

The law also will allow lawsuits against government agencies who won't or don't enforce these immigration laws and will make it illegal to hire illegal immigrants for labor or to knowingly transport them.

There are surprisingly more quotes in the article than in the video footage. Most of the video is Don Shelby talking about what the law will mean for Arizona, being that it has the most problems with illegal immigration in the southern U.S. He says the law will definitely make a trip to the White House (to make sure it's legal and doesn't violate any American citizen rights).

The article also mentions what younger kids think about the bill by including a quote from a 13-year-old American citizen who says it's going to change everyone's life in Arizona now because they won't be able to walk to school anymore or play in the streets without the police thinking they are illegal immigrants.

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