Fire leaves thousands homeless in shantytown

BBC news reports on a fire that spread through a shanty town outside the Filipino capital Manila.

The broadcast opens with the reporter giving scene details as viewers watch the video footage of the houses in flames. BBC says the fire destroyed hundreds of house and may have made as many as 7,000 people homeless.

There is a lot of video footage of the fire and the smoke as well as scenes of people fleeing. The reporter does not immediately mention the location of the fire, probably because it was mentioned in the "lead" that the anchor gave before the reporter's voiceover came on.

There are two quotes in the middle of the footage from people who were living in the shantytown when the fire happened. The voiceover of a translator lets the audience know what the people are saying. The witnesses - two women - say there was black smoke everywhere and children were running around screaming "fire." They said they weren't able to save anything from the flames.

The regional director of the fire department, who isn't named in the footage, says the strong winds made the fire spread even more quickly.

Now, BBC says many people have been moved to temporary accommodations as they wonder what to do next.

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