Local sports figures help raise money for Eden Prairie schools

Al Newman, a former Minnesota Twins infielder and base coach, and Mark LeVoir, an NFL lineman from Eden Prairie, are working with the company My Local Ad Space (MLAS) to raise money for local high schools.

The Star Tribune said MLAS offers businesses a package that helps to enable more Web traffic and customers. MLAS gives 25 of the company's monthly fee, about $50 to $100, to a charity of its choice. They reported that Newman and LeVoir are working with MLAS to promote local high schools, and specifically their athletic programs, as options for a charity.

The Star Tribune reported that Newman said that because of the economy, it's hard for kids and their parents to afford to play sports, so this innovative way to raise money might help keep kids in sports and out of trouble. Sports equipment prices and participation costs have hurt sports enrollment in high school, Newman said. The Tribune reported that Newman said he hopes this money will help relieve some of the pressure placed on families who can't afford to enroll their students in sports.

LeVoir said he wants to reach out to more businesses in Eden Prairie as well as those in Massachusetts and the New England area, where he has played with the Patriots since 2008, according to the Tribune.

Newman said he is taking advantage of his status as a local celebrity to enable him to discuss money and the possibility of free money with businesses, the Tribune reported.

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