Murals in Washington, DC painted in rundown areas

Teenagers in Washington, DC, are now using the idea of graffiti to turn the city's rundown areas into art, according to a BBC news broadcast.

The video opens with scenes painted on buildings--intricate and artistic scenes that are described with even more adjectives by the reporter as hip-hop music plays in the background. The reporter then describes how the publicly funded mural program is targeting hit-and-run graffiti artists to show them what else can be done with aerosol paint. She talks to one teen who taught children how to paint with aerosol cans over the summer.

She then mentions the murals can be used not only for artistic and aesthetic purposes but also to preserve history. She talks to an African-American hip-hop DJ who says the murals paint a literal picture of the history of the city. He says the murals are a tribute to the city and also to the individuals it pays homage to, like Benjamin Banneker, Langston Hughes, and more.

The reporter says there are murals in about 20 different locations throughout the city, deliberately placed where there is a lot of illegal graffiti.

The video footage ends with the same hip-hop song playing and the scenery of the murals, which helps to tie the story together and let the viewer know it has ended.

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