NCAA may expand tournament from 65 to 96 teams

The NCAA may expand its current 65-team men's basketball tournament to 68, 80, or even 96 teams, according to the Star Tribune.

NCAA vice president Greg Shaheen told the Tribune nothing has been decided, but he outlined a detailed plan Thursday that included information on a 96-team tournament. According to the article, the plan said how much time players would have off and how revenue would be distributed. Shaheen said the NCAA considered keeping the 65-team bracket, but that a larger one works better both logistically and financially.

The Star Tribune said the plan has not yet been approved by the Division I Men's Basketball Committee but that most of the details for the plan are already in place. They reported that Shaheen said the NCAA has been working with the idea of a larger bracket for the last several months, and even the last several years, in order to understand how the change would affect the organization in the future.

According to the Star Tribune's report, the expansion would not include additional travel time for teams, but it would affect the schedule-- the different playoff rounds would be scheduled differently and the Tuesday play-in game would be eliminated.

The Tribune noted at the end of the article that the NCAA's decision to expand the field from 65 to 96 teams rests on the $6 billion TV deal the organization has with CBS.

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