Nurse fired after stopping CPR

According to a Minnesota Department of Health investigation, a nurse manager at a Woodbury nursing home stopped CPR for a resident before emergency assistance arrived, violating protocol, said the Pioneer Press.

According the the investigative report, The Woodbury Health Care Center resident's medical record called for full life-saving efforts; the resident suffered from late-stage breast cancer and respiratory problems. However, on December 10, 2009, the nurse manager told a caregiver to stop CPR after the resident went limp. The caregiver continued anyway, but the manager then raised her voice and told him to stop.

According the Pioneer Press, the state investigation said the nurse acted outside her scope of duties when she not only prematurely halted CPR but also declared the resident's death before a higher authority. They said the care center trains its staff on American Heart Association guidelines for CPR and no sanctions were issued against them.

The nurse manager claimed she didn't know she wasn't supposed to stop CPR, the Pioneer Press said. However, several other workers understood the correct CPR protocol, according to a state investigator, which is to continue CPR unless they are too tired, someone else arrives to take over, or a physician declares a patient's death. The nurse manager was then fired; she had had been disciplined twice before for her behavior and once before for not following wound management protocols.

The care center did say this incident does not reflect their usual level of quality and care by their "devoted" staff, the Pioneer Press said.

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