Possibility of new trial for St. Paul Toyota driver

WCCO posted a video in their video library broadcasting the story of a St. Paul man whose Toyota Camry killed three people in a car accident in 2006.

The crash occurred off Snelling Avenue in St. Paul. Koua Fong Lee was convicted by a jury a year later of criminal vehicular homicide.

Now, Lee's lawyers are arguing that sticky accelerators in his 1996 Toyota may have been at fault for the crash. Toyota has recalled other models for that problem, but the 1996 model wasn't part of the recall. His attorneys are also arguing about the brakes and the cruise control. An inspection of the vehicle is underway because other Toyota drivers have complained about similar problems. However, WCCO said they were not able to get their cameras inside the inspection.

Lee's attorneys want him out of jail, but county attorneys say it isn't that easy because there was previously a lot of investigation and analysis and Lee was still fairly convicted of killing those people.

WCCO reported that it could be several weeks before the results of the inspection are in, and then it could be an additional 15 days before a decision about a new trial is made.

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