Priests investigated after being accused of sexual abuse

The Star Tribune published an investigative report by the Associated Press detailing cases of Roman Catholic priests accused of abuse. The investigation spans 21 countries across six continents and includes 30 cases.

Rev. Denis Vadeboncoeur, 69, served 20 months in a Quebec prison after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of four teenage boys, AP reported. Then, in 2005, he was convicted of raping an adolescent boy and is currently serving a 12-year sentence in a French prison. The bishop at the time, Jacques Gaillot, said giving Vadeboncoeur a second chance was a mistake.

Rev. Francois Lefort, a French priest and humanitarian doctor, was convicted in 2005 in France of raping six minors in Senegal in the mid-90s. AP noted that Catholic authorities did not restrict him from working with minors while the allegations were still pending; French observers say that procedure was standard at that time, but it has changed in the past few years.

Rev. Patrick Maguire wanted to become a priest to deal with his impulses, AP said. Since priests don't have sex, his attraction to either sex wouldn't be important, a report by an Irish commission said. AP reported Maguire first worked in Japan but was sent to Ireland after complaints about his inappropriate behavior with the young males. In the mid-70s, Maguire worked in the northwestern Ireland Raphoe diocese. Here, he had altar boys stay with him overnight, AP said, so he was sent for treatment in England, where he was diagnosed as a pederast, a man who sodomizes boys. After more complaints after treatment, he returned to the facility. Currently, AP said he is living in a Columban residence northwest of Dublin where his behavior is monitored.

These are just a few of the cases described in the Associated Press's article. Details surrounding the cases include the priests having been accused of rape, sodomy, or some other kind of sexual abuse. Both young girls and boys have been affected, as well as older women and men (some married) and even those with mental illnesses. This investigation clearly took a long time to construct and shows diligent information gathering and synthesizing.

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