University student attacked after Twins game

A University of Minnesota student and her friend were attacked on the Hennepin County Bridge as they walked home from a Twins game. Neither Kelly nor her friend Dave gave their last names, but they are featured in a video in WCCO's video library. They relive the event as it happened on the bridge.

Kelly explains they punched Dave first and then her as she stood there watching in shock. The three attackers then stole Kelly's purse and later threw it in the river. In both the video footage and the news article, Kelly says her checkbook and a DVD she had with her were lying on the pavement after the attack and her purse was located in the river later. The reporter mentions Kelly's only valuable item in the purse was a flash drive with a final project for school on it.

In both the video and the article, there are a lot of quotes from Kelly. She says she was hurt emotionally and physically, which can be seen from the bruises on her face and her distraught tone. She says she posted an angry letter on Craig's list in hopes that her attackers, none of whom Kelly or Dave could identify, might see it and not hurt others again.

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