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Visual Research for Project

I was just looking around on the internet for anything inspiring or worth taking another glance at if it got my attention. Then I came across this website that had a bunch of websites, all about designing and giving ideas to inspire your next project.

The name of the article is: 100 Great Resources for Design Inspiration.

I checked out a couple of them and they are awesome with examples of posters, websites, digital design galleries and advertisement that can help with any project.

Reading: Color Theory

I found this article very interesting. I had never known the different meanings around the world for different colors. For example, in the United States, we wear black for a funeral but in China and Japan, white is the funeral color. I also found out that yellow is the first color the eye sees. The charts and examples this reading gives is very helpful and good to know when designing because you don't want to offend anyone by simply using a color that has a different meaning to them. It was interesting to read about the history of the color theory and where it all started. I had no idea that Sir Isaac Newton invented the color wheel either. I know I will use this article for future references.

Reading: The Astonish Me Problem

This article provided some very useful information any designer would like to find out. The reading basically was about turning simple work or designs into something more intelligent and more appealing to the viewer. It was also very interesting to read about how you can use visual effects to make your work have more of an edge. They also talked about using old work and then adding new effects to it so it looks old and new at the same time. The article also talked about the designer Shigeo Fukuda and his ability to create simple graphic shapes twist and turn your eye when you look at it.

Something that inspires me....

I am inspired by advertisement that I see in magazines and also by the pictures I take with my camera. I love taking pictures of random things I see and then saving them on my computer for future reference. I love reading magazines just to see how far people will go to sell their product.


What I'd Really Like to Know About Design

I'd really like to know more about visual culture and how to observe work on a more deeper level.

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