Poster Meanings

Poster One: The telephone poles represent communication, most likely through talking to people on the phone. You can call anywhere in the world and talk to whoever. I used telephone poles and the cords to make a picture that represents a lot of communicating, which is one of the key points this UNESCO poster should illustrate, a communication or dialogue for sustainable development. My intentions are to make this poster read communication and dialogue and for people to understand that it is important to have dialogue among cultures.

Poster Two: This poster is about mutual understanding and how there are many different layers to it. I wanted to show the letters as coming forward and then returning to the back because mutual understanding comes and goes with different issues brought up. There are many different colors to it because it is used by many different people but to all these people, the phrase doesn't change meaning. Mutual understanding is something everyone understands but may not know how to express it when problems arise. My intentions with this poster are to make this phrase a more common one and to show different angles on how you may read these words.

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