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Ilustration/Typographic work/Choice of Final Form

REAL mood board

Mood Board

Contemporary design

contemporary artwork- Russian Art

Can see some Cubism / Futurism / Surrealism in these works.

Visual Research for Project 2

Swiss design:
examples of some posters and type I want to use for my new project on the rock auction.


Typographic Style

A Magazine Article

One: I found an example of good type and graphic that has to do with selling a product, it is a La Croix can and the glass sitting next to it is a skinny glass- to show the title of the advertisement "skinny mojito" to be true. And the fact that green is used in the text as well as the main graphic makes it worth reading.

Two: I found an article in a magazine about "living the green life" and the text is green and all caps, and the picture shown is of a farm, showing a garden and trees to make it seem like a green life is being lived here. It is a very interesting article and even the start of the body text is green and italic to draw you into reading about it.

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