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Final: Project 4

Daily Journal: Day Eight

Today, the last day of journaling, I drove to hallmark to get a card for my mom for mother's day on sunday. I am sad I won't be able to go home for mother's day but I have way too much work to do here at school for finals that I am unable to make the travel home. I got a really nice card though to send her so I hope she enjoys that.


Daily Journal: Day Seven

Today, I drove to a hair salon to get my hair cut. I just needed to ends to be trimmed so it didn't take that long. I always love right when I get my hair cut because it makes my hair feel so healthy. I will probably wait another 6 months to get my hair trimmed again because I always forget to schedule appointments.


Daily Journal: Day Six

Early this morning, I had to drive to Spooner to meet up with my boyfriend's mom and sister to give them back their car. He had to borrow it because his broke while up here and he needed a way to get to school and work. He has had it since monday and this morning we needed to drive and give that car back to them. So we had to drive 2 car to Spooner and then we both rode back in the same one. It's not that long of a drive but it is really boring since there are no towns or anything exciting on 53. But now they have their car back so it was worth it.


Daily Journal: Day Five

Today, I drove to the Duluth 10 movie theater to see the movie Kiss Ass with my boyfriend. I thought the movie would not be very good because the commercials did not make it look good. But I went for him and ended up liking it a lot and it was super funny. After the movie, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some dinner and that was it for my driving for the day.


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