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Visual Research for Project 2

Swiss design:
examples of some posters and type I want to use for my new project on the rock auction.


Typographic Style

A Magazine Article

One: I found an example of good type and graphic that has to do with selling a product, it is a La Croix can and the glass sitting next to it is a skinny glass- to show the title of the advertisement "skinny mojito" to be true. And the fact that green is used in the text as well as the main graphic makes it worth reading.

Two: I found an article in a magazine about "living the green life" and the text is green and all caps, and the picture shown is of a farm, showing a garden and trees to make it seem like a green life is being lived here. It is a very interesting article and even the start of the body text is green and italic to draw you into reading about it.

Visual Research: Parodies

Examples of parodies

I liked the water bottle that was labeled "Naive" because it is referencing the use of water battles and how they are destroying the earth by being wasted plastic.

Visual Research: International Design

I wanted to search for vintage, old posters from different countries and found some examples:

Vintage Swiss Posters
Vintage French Posters
Vintage German Posters
Vintage British Poster

They are all different in style, for example: the french posters all use very detailed pictures of people or things with a balance of warm colors and not that much type found on them, the German posters use large font sizes that take up half the poster in a very contrasting color to the background, and finally the British posters use bright colors and a lot of examples of boats and landscapes.

Visual Research

This website is a great spot to look at for any type of inspiration because it has examples of photos, font designs, website designs, and logos. I really liked the Font Inspiration part.

The Design Inspiration

Visual Research for Project

I was just looking around on the internet for anything inspiring or worth taking another glance at if it got my attention. Then I came across this website that had a bunch of websites, all about designing and giving ideas to inspire your next project.

The name of the article is: 100 Great Resources for Design Inspiration.

I checked out a couple of them and they are awesome with examples of posters, websites, digital design galleries and advertisement that can help with any project.

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