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By: Sydney Taufen

A swarm of angry bees is battled in Tuscan, Az., news sources reported.

According to Tuscan News Now at least a dozen people were stung and two sent to the hospital after 50,000 bees were reported at one household.

"A full scale bee attack" is what Greg Denker part of the American Bee Control is calling the days events, Tuscon News said.

One women and her son were sent to the hospital with over 50 stings each, the Examiner reported.

Both mother and son were allergic to bee stings, Tuscan News said. It added, both are in stable condition but on a lot of antibiotics.

Week 8

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The story I looked at for the last analysis discusses Florida being the state with the most boating deaths. I discovered this article through nicar.org. In order to produce this story, the author used records from the United States Coast Guard. Records have been kept from 1995-2011. The database contains data on "recreational boating accidents that resulted in death or injury requiring more than first aid."

Computer skills needed by the author are research, photo and excel skills. The author needed to be able to research all of the figures need to compile a story with this much data. Photo skills because the author needed to know how to crop and photo shop the pictures for quality. The last skill, and possibly the most important computer skill is the ability to make graphs in excel. The graphs are important because they create a visual of the data set. It is also important to know how to skew the graphs or create the right graph to make the data present the way you want the readers to see it.

Week 8

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Smoke Free Campus
By: Sydney Taufen

The University of Minnesota Twins Cities campus maybe one step closer to becoming a smoke-free campus, news sources reported this week.

Thursday the University's senate passed a resolution to make the campus tobacco free, the Minnesota Daily said.

The next step in the process is to have it approved by President Eric Kaler who is in favor of the change, the MN Daily said.

Currently, 2/3 of the schools in Minnesota have smoke free policies and six of the Big Ten schools have already implemented smoking bans, the Post Bulletin said.

A few schools in Minnesota that have made the move are Minnesota State University Mankato and the University of Minnesota Crookston and Duluth, the Minnesota Daily said.

The Minnesota Daily reported the move toward a tobacco free campus is to decrease secondhand smoke exposure.

The University of Minnesota prohibits smoking in all of the buildings owned or leased by the University but 25 feet away is fair game, the Post Bulletin said.

Health officials will now start working on how to implement a plan at the University, the Minnesota Daily said.

Week 8

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To Kill A Mockingbird
By: Sydney Taufen

Author, Harper Lee, sued her literary agent on behalf of her novel, "To Kill A Mockingbird," news sources said this week.

According to BBCLee is suing on the stance of being taken advantage of with her failing eyesight and hair.

Lee had no recollection of relinquishing her rights or signging the agreement to her current literary agent Samuel Pinkus, NBC News.

Prior to Pinkus, Eugene Winick represented Lee for more than 40 years, NBC News said.

When Winick fell ill his son-in-law Pinkus took over and switched several of Winick's clients to his own company, BBC said.

According to BBC Pinkus transfered rights to secure himself interest in the income from the book and failed to respond to offers on an e-book and request for assistance related to the books 50th anniversary

The lawsuit asks Pinkus to reassign any rights back to Lee and to renturn any commission made from 2007 onwards, BBC said.

Lee's novel was published in 1960 and sold over 30 million copies, BBC said.

Week 8

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Mother Forces Daughter To Have a Baby
By: Sydney Taufen

A mother in the UK forced her adopted daughter to become pregnant by artificial insemination, several news sources said.

The plan to impregnate the woman's daughter began when her eldest adopted daughter was 13-years-old, CNN said.

The girl was inseminated using syringes of semen purchased over the internet from a sperm bank in Denmark, MSN News said.

The cos for the semen was $3,165, CNN said.

CNN reported that six attempt to get the girl pregnant were made in two years. It is thought that the girl conceived when she was 14-years-old, said CNN. CNN added the girl continued to try until she once again became pregnant and gave birth at the age of 16.

The mother of the adopted teenage girl is currently serving a five year prison sentence for child cruelty, CNN said.

The daughter subjected herself to being used in this way becuase she loved her mother, CNN said.

In 2009, a Mother's Day card was found that contained a positive pregnancy test promising that the daughter would give her mother this as a gift, MSN News said.

The hospital contacted authorities once the baby was born, CNN said, saying the mother became pushy and attempted to take the baby away.

Week 7

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Michael Jordan Gets Hitched
By: Sydney Taufen

NBA hall-of-famer, Michael Jordan, got married this weekend to Yvette Prieto, news sources reported.

According to USA Today the wedding took place at Bethesda-by-the-Sea, an Episcopal church in Palm Beach Fla.

Tiger Woods, Spike Lee and Patrick Ewing were among the 300 guests attending the vow exchanging, the Pioneer Press said. It added, the wedding party then moved to a private golf club where the reception took place.

Prieto and Jordan met five years ago, said the Pioneer Press, and were engaged last December.

As always, wedding gifts were present at the wedding, but according to USA Today, donations to the James R. Jordan Foundation were made.

week 7

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Minnesota QB
By: Sydney Taufen

Mitch Leidner, a possible quarterback for the University of Minnesota has shown promise in previous weeks, news sources reported.

This weekend at the University's annual spring game, the Pioneer Press said, Leidner showed his skills.

The red shirt freshman from Lakeville South High School played for both the maroon and white teams on Saturday's game, the Pioneer Press said, throwing 9 for 15 and two touchdown passes.

According to the Minnesota Daily, Leidner stands 6 ft 4 in tall and weighs 233 pounds.

Saturday was not the first time Leidner shined. Friday April 12 at Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex, Leidner lead the second team offence by scoring twice against the second unit defense, the MN Daily said.

He was 9 for 11 on that scrimmage with one touchdown pass, the MN Daily reported.

The Pioneer Press quoted Leidner saying, "I'm just working hard. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing."

Week 7

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Light Rail Test One
By: Sydney Taufen

The Central Corridor Light Rail made its first successful trip Sunday, local news sources reported.

The successful trip was made by a railcar mover pulling the solo car along the tracks, the Pioneer Press said/ It added, the rail car mover was used due to the fact the power is not yet running.

According to the Pioneer Press the train made a fast trip than expected. It finished the trip from Minneapolis to St. Paul in five hours instead of the suspected eight to 12 hours, the Pioneer Press said.

When the train is operating on its own, the 11 mile route will take only 39 minutes, Kare11 reported.

Speeds of the train range from 50 mph on Washington Ave to 35 mph or less on parts of University Ave, the Pioneer Press said.

There is a return trip scheduled for Wednesday some time, the Pioneer Press reported.

Week 7

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Part of 9/11 Found
By: Sydney Taufen

Debris from one of the planes that hit the Twin Towers in 2011 was discovered Wednesday, news sources reported.

Around 11 a.m. surveyors in an area three blocks north of the World Trade Center located the piece of debris and notified authorities, the New York Times said.

The debris found is measured at 5 feet high, 3 feet wide and 17 inches in depth, the New York Times said, and had to enter the gap at just the right angle in order to get nudged in their.

Police are keeping the area off limits and photographing the area, BBC said.

According to authorities, the piece of debris contained a Boeing serial number which indicated it was part of the landing gear of one of the two planes, the NYT said.

Medical examiners were also called to the scene said the New York Times, and will determine whether the soil will be sifted in search of human remains.

Week 7

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Fire Kills Dozens
By: Sydney Taufen

A fire at a Russian psychiatric hospital killed 38 on Friday, said news sources.

According to CNN, 41 people were inside the building at the time of the fire, but only 3 managed to escape the flames.

After the alarm sounded at 2 a.m., firefighters were unable to arrive at the scene for an hour, the New York Times said, leaving residents of the village of Ramensky to watch as the building burned.

Russia had 12,000 deaths from fire reported in 2011, which is twice that of the United States, the New York Times said/

According to the New York Times, Psychiatric Hospital No. 14 housed patients who were diagnosed with schizophrenia, mental retardation and drug and alcohol addiction.

The government website, said CNN, issued a statement urging that the surviving patients get all of the help they need.

A criminal investigation is underway, CNN said.

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