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Final Project,


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Today we have been told we are to make a utensil that we would use at thanksgiving. We will tour the wood shop to learn how to make it and we should focus on usability. So we broke into teams and began brainstorming with our team. Drafting ideas, and telling our thoughts behind them. This was pretty fun because we all had crazy wacky ideas.

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Some of my ideas included a egg separator, egg breaker, pan separator, splash guard for pans, garbage scrapper, a double spatula, ground beef separator, and a pan with a pull back lid. So I know this sounds weird but I will explain them.

Egg Breaker:
The purpose behind the egg breaker was would be a small slot to fit a large egg with a crack or slit in the middle. Then there will be a tool with a sharp edge, that comes down and slices the egg in half, with a very clean cut. There would also be a bowl at the bottom to collect the fallen egg. This sounds very cool and great but we were told to keep it simple because we do not have as much time.

Pan Separator:
So the pan separator would be like two pans in one, you would put all of the food inside the pan and once you take the pan out, you just pull out the inside pan and that would have a top on it. This would be perfect for use as a tuberware, or dinner placement pan.

Splash Guard:
The splash guard would be a circular tool that fits and clamps around a pan, while it's boiling, being stirred or your just adding something to it, this guard helps keep splashes at bay! This is great for minimizing the cleanup on the stove after cooking a meal.

Ground Beef Separator:
So this may be a little tricky for me to explain, so I will try my best to explain it correctly. So this would be a spatula kinda but at the end of the stick there would be a block. The block, would have many many holes in it and one big hole on the side. The small holes would be for mashing the beef, hopefully the beef fits in the small holes as the beef is being mashed. Once the block is filled the big hole on the side will let out all the ground beef after tapping the utensil on the side of the pan.

Garbage Scrapper:
The garbage scrapper was a fool idea, I though about creating a utensil similar to the a window squigie, you would hold it like a spatula, and the side will have the same material as a squigie. The purpose of it is to clean off most of the plate when done.

Double Spatula:
Double spatula is exactly how it sounds, two spatulas. Use one side to cook and use the other side to flip, turn, cook with a different pot.

So now I have narrowed it down, I like the ground beef separator, double spatula, and a splash guard for pans. I did not buy any wood from a wood store, instead I bought some wood from a classmate who bought to much wood. (lucky for me!) Since I was on a limited supply I decided to play around with some foam to see how it would look and how I could execute the product.

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Foam is a great way to get a visual but nothing like the real thing. After getting in the wood shop and talking with students and instructors I soon realized i didn't have any room for mistakes. The instructor told me that the ground beef separator wasn't the best idea because it would be difficult to get the ground beef to actually fit in the holes just by mashing. I had a long piece of wood, not wide enough for a splash guard but long enough for two spatulas so that is how I choose my utensil. I decided not to make a double spatula (thinking of my personal needs when cooking thanksgiving dinner, there is always something to stir!) So why not make a double wooden spoon OR a wooded spoon and spatula. A Spoontula! It is actually a funny story how I came up with that name. Whenever I have two words or thoughts in my head sometimes when I speak I combine them. For example, when I was highschool me and my sisters would fight over everything, one including hair stuff and one day we were down to one striaghtener becuase somehow the other broke. So while my sister is doing her hair I am standing next to her waiting to do mine, so I thought she was putting it down and I began to reach for it and she yelled at me "what are you doing?" and I replied " I'm Waitchin!" she said "whats that?" as we burst into laughter and I told her "I don't know, I was reaching and waiting at the same time!" So I have a habit of doing that, and thus, spoontula.

Now, I didn't know how i was going to make the spoontula look nice and neat so I made a regular spatula for backup just in case it turned into a disaster. I ended up spending about 4 1/2 hours in the wood shop, everything seemed so dangerous and scary so I took my time. First I roughly cut up the wood that I needed, then I went to the other machine that can cut along the lines and I used that for my intial shape. Afterwards I spent the majority of the time, sanding! I did so much sanding it was tiring. I used at least seven different sanders to finish both utensils. I thought I would spend a lot time cutting but most of the time is on sanding the utensil. Lets just say I have a new perspective on making things out of wood.

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SO here it is! My spatula for backup and my SPOONTULA!

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