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Today was crit day and let me just say a few things about this day before I share my dish. Crit day is pretty intensive, you have an hour to prepare your "crit dish" (I don't know what to call it). So you are pretty stressed because if you are like me then you stress a lot about bringing all the ingredients that you need and you forget your knife and cutting board (strike 1). Also setting up is pretty time consuming and I have 8am classes (strike 2). Then all of the instructors are walking around asking you what you are making and that really puts the pressure on (especially if you are not used to people watching you cook). But with all the stress it was fine, I am a bit over dramatic at times.

SO now on to the dish. I made a peach cobbler, with fresh peaches, sugar, brown sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, and vanilla. A rice pudding with milk, sugar, vanilla and salt and a lovely crust (secret recipe) with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top.
But describing this dish wont mean much unless you get to see it.

photo 2 (1).JPG

TOP VIEW of the AMAZING crust!

photo 3 (1).JPG


photo 4 (1).JPG

AND of course on the plate for the wonderful judges!

I loved the dish and I had great feedback from classmates, (even though they have nothing to do with my grade) lol.

Well that is all for now, tune in for the next crit assignment.



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I have a ton of peaches in my fridge, and I love them all dearly, not to mention I love peach cobbler. So tonight I decided to make some and to use rice pudding as a base for the dessert. Unfortunately I have two days to get this right. I am excited. Maybe I can whip up some whipped cream. I love having a coconut milk whip cream because it's not sweet so it can be that tart-ness that cuts the sweet. Well off I go to bake it.


YES! I love it! It is a success, however I will not post a picture of it until crit day. It is a surprise and I don't know if anyone has been peaking at my blog or not.

Stay tuned....



The Switch

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Entrees are not working so well for me. I was thinking maybe putting rice in a tall glass and layering it with different colors and flavors just to go off my first idea but the sparks just didn't fly.

I think that I am going to switch to desserts. Try something sweet, baked or something. Maybe I can put the rice into my food processor and turn it into a powder and then make a glaze out of it.

I could make rice icecream? Since there is rice milk? But that would be hard without an ice cream maker in the lab.

Well I guess I will try to incorporate rice with a dessert that I like.

Stay tuned...


Trial 2

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Okay, now we are working on trial number 2. I want to do something backwards maybe more mentally than anything. So most meals that involve rice will have rice on the side or rice on the bottom. Well I want to put the rice on the top and leave the main entree on the bottom for the discovery of the consumer.

I will show the all the ingredients.

photo 3.JPG

Snow peas at the bottom.

photo 4.JPG

Chicken as a middle layer, which would usually be on top or center of most meals.

photo 5.JPG

And finally the rice on top.However it doesn't look as appealing as it could.

Trust me the meal taste great but doesn't look that way. I think I will sleep on it!


Trial 1

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Today I am going to test one of my new ideas. I was thinking that it would be nice to have some variety of flavors and colored rice all on one plate right? SO I am going to give it a try....

Two hours later..
It taste good but it didn't really turn out the way that I want it to.

photo 1.JPG

So it did not turn out how I thought it would visually, I really liked going from spicy Spanish rice to white rice to fried rice. It was a great on my taste buds, except if I went from spicy Spanish rice to fried rice it was a bit strange but do-able. In my head I pictured this rainbow affect of rice (way more dramatic in my head) and it did not have that same affect on the plate. Then I thought of adding colorful vegetables to sort of make the rainbow affect but that wouldn't go well with the flavor that are already on the plate so I had to eat the rice of course and then let this idea go. :(

Day 1

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Today we have been given our first assignment or shall I say our first crit which is short for critique. The rules seem pretty simple, come up with a innovative dish using either white rice or orzo pasta. It is due September 25th and it's all about innovation and being creative.

So immidiately I think of ways to be creavtive like putting the food in tea cups or putting parts of the entree in little tea cups that they can maybe combine in the larger tea cups I don't know I'm very rusty right now. Oh something cool would be to cut the handle off of a strainer and plate the food on the strainer and have it held up over the rice dish so the juices drain/drip over the rice to create some sort of gravy. But then again how would I create a plate like that?

I think I need to sleep on this.


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