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Education on You Tube

YouTube Exploration:

I have recently explored the use of YouTube in my classroom during my 8th grade Non-Fiction Unit. We have been analyzing different articles based on conditions and perspectives of Education in different parts of the World. These You Tube clips, in particular, helped students to get a better perspective on Tone, Bias and Inference---as these tend to be more difficult concepts for them to grasp.

2 Million Minutes:
This You Tube clip was a good follow-up to a Star Tribune article we read on US Reading test scores. This was the first clip we looked at. We only viewed the trailer. This provided a good opportunity to view the strong bias that US students are lazy and falling behind in school. It was also interesting to see how bias can be so easily persuasive to the viewer without other background knowledge. For example, we had read several articles on the lack of education students are receiving in many parts of India and Africa---especially for female students. This helped to put in perspective the large populations this clip presents; we know that not all of those students are receiving an education.

News 8 story on 2 Million Minutes:
This was a clip from a news story reviewing the release of this controversial documentary. The News station is in Indiana: the State where the represented US students in 2 Million Minutes live. This also helped to show bias, tone, and inference by showing the flip-side of the story: well-balanced US students are also valuable and competitive.

Education Today and Tomorrow:
This clip was great for inference. There are just clips of images and information, and from these, students can gather the point that the modern classroom needs to be media-savvy.

I also choose one clip to look at that if I had time would be interesting to show my classes. It is a news story clip on high school students who have the opportunity to volunteer in hands-on health care career situations. It would be interesting, in comparison to the other clips we have looked at, to be able to infer from this clip, that US students to have many fortunate opportunities. Also, to interperate fromt the clip the bias that hands-on learning beyond the classroom is important.

I also looked at several other related clips that portrayed "education" in different forms:

I looked at a couple of different clips from the Ed in '08 channel. These clips take several different perspectives to communicate the need for Education to be a vital topic in this next Presidential election.

This particular clip is a montage of facts and opinions to advocate for supporters of edcuation:

This clip uses faces and voices of students to portray the outcome if we do not begin to address the needs of public education:

Here, Kanye West, as a pop-culture icon who identifies with a large section of struggling and failing students, adresses the need to support all students:

These next few clips that I viewed give good samples of the portrayal of teachers and classrooms in the pop-culture media--particularly film.

This clip is a bit more lengthly, but a great collection of teachers seen through movies. Although, through these clips it also gives a great portrayal of the exaggerated issues of teachers and the classroom.

This clip is the trailer of the new Chalk film--spoofing the trials of the new teacher---slightly painful in it's realistic portrayals!!!!