Involvement at the U

New to the U? Welcome! As a new student at such a large institution as the U, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed and alone. Rest assured, there are plenty of opportunities for involvement! Whether you choose to volunteer for a local organization, participate in a student group, or simply attend events on campus, you are certain to find your place here. I recommend visiting the Student Unions and Activities page for information on the countless U of M student groups.

Another cool site to check out is the Engage! Search Tool. This search engine helps you find out about involvement and engagement opportunities on campus. You can search for specific activities like "horseback riding" or can search by category like "leadership opportunities". It is super easy to use!

Attend activities and community involvement fairs. And always keep your eyes open for new opportunities on posters or flyers around campus. All of the possibilities may seem daunting, but just dive in! As you meet new friends and become engaged in activities, you will create your own community and find how personal and friendly the U really is.

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