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January 29, 2009

Faculty Learning Communities

Advertising is getting underway for academic year 2009-10 faculty learning communities. Make it known in your circles. Word of mouth works.

Spring TES

Spring TES - read all about the 4 sessions at
Then, spread the word to the students and faculty with whom you work!


/Transform /is coming out soon. Watch for it in your mailboxes. In this issue, Paul Ching has written two really interesting article reviews, one about cheat sheets and the other about the influence of seat location and class performance. The two main themes of this issue are: 1) emerging technologies in the learning environment, and 2) where the University is with the SLOs and liberal education course recertification.

Please take copies of /Transform/ along when you consult, present, and give workshops on campus. Take it along to your committees. We always order extra copies to distribute in this way. (In fact, pass along some of the Fall 2008 issues, as well. They're in the copier room.) Also, Caroline has joined the team, contributing her eagle eyes during the crucial proof-reading stage. Many thanks to her, as well as Bill, Chris, and Aubrie who play vital roles in getting /Transform/ done and distributed.

CTL workshops

Past workshops: Jeff delivered a workshop to 30 peer assisstants and three instructors at the Carlson school on the topic of being an effective peer assistant.

Bill and Jeff met on Monday with a School of Nursing faculty learning community focusing on competency based learning and assessment. We are currently looking at the possibility of using electronic portfolios in assessing newly established School of Nursing competencies.

Upcoming workshops: Deb and Bill will be giving the first of a series of workshops for the graduate school this semester. The first is entitled: "Assessment: tips, tools, and strategies" and will be presented this coming Tuesday.

Deb will be presenting "Effective Questioning for Teaching and Learning" to the College of Veterinary Medicine (next week, I believe--Deb could you clarify?).

CTL All Center Staff meeting

The next All Center Staff meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb 10th in the main meeting room.

January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year


On Feb. 1st at 1-1:30 and 2-2:30 our gamelan group will perform in the middle of Medicine Lake in the Black Box Theater Shanty ( ), one of the many and varied Art Shanties (


A team of individuals did some more renovating/picture hanging/organizing in the language lab and a couple other spaces. Errr….in fact, some of us once again found it hard to stop…


Kathleen will be returning from the hospital tomorrow; as she often says, lets “send her good thoughts?.


Welcome to the first CTL communications blog posting. This blog will be used to help archive CTL communications & announcements.