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March 30, 2009

TESOL discussion group by Elena and Colleen

Elena, Colleen, and Zeynep Altinsel (Michigan State) led a discussion group at TESOL in Denver last week. The title was: "Cross-Cultural Dimensions in ITA Office Hours Training." The DG focused on a brief survey that was done at both of our institutions. One participant said she planned to use the results in her course at UCLA.

Colleen was also part of a team of presenters from Georgia State and Texas Tech for a TESOL colloquium entitled "A curricular Crossroad: ITA Education." The colloquium focused on new approaches in pronunciation research and how they can be applied to the ITA curriculum.

Both sessions were well-attended despite the fact they were held at 7 am!

Mary organized the ITA-NNEST (Non-Native English Speakering Teachers) InterSection and completed her duties as Chair of the ITA-IS.

Annual report team

the annual report team has met twice during the last couple of weeks and will meet again on April 8th. Meeting notes on on the Moodle site under committees section.

March 27, 2009

PD funds for next year

As some may be making plans for presenting at conferences for next year, it may be helpful to know that at this point we DO expect to have $1,100 per staff for funds available.

Leadership Forum

On the CTL Moodle page, you will see under "Forums" that the Leadership SWOT analysis is listed, which was started by the Leadership team. Thanks to Christina for setting this up! Feel free to take a look and contribute your comments!

Hybrid workshop by Christina

Christine presented a workshop through Continuing Education called "Providing Effective Feedback" for Applied Business Faculty using UM content. Nice work, Christina!

Graduate School Workshops

Congratulations to Ilene, Christina, and Jane on well attended workshops at the graduate school this past week! Nice job!!

Virus of the month

Jen Bentrim warns that virus' are on the increase. At this time of year, for example, scams might focus on wanting to get tax information from you. Her recommendation is to delete anything that looks unusual.

March 23, 2009

CTL and Graduate School workshops

CTL (Ilene, Christina, Jane, Paul, Deb, and Bill) is doing a number of workshops for the graduate school. For more information, see

March 6, 2009

All center staff meeting

The all center staff meeting will be on Tuesday March 10 from 11:30-1:00. There will be updates as well as a discussion about the topic of workshops that will enable us to explore assumptions around workshop practices as well as discuss practical insights relating to workshop preparation and facilitation. Anita, Connie and Jeff will be leading the discussion.

Lunch with a great teacher program

The lunch with a great teacher program has been growing! Let Jane know if you would like to be involved.

March 4, 2009

ADT's Teaching and Learning Conference

Registration is open for the ADT's Teaching and Learning Conference at the end of April: