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Learning space in new Science Teaching and Student Services Building

I have some good news about our involvement in the development of a “learning space” in the new Science Teaching and Student Services Building (our old Classroom Building). The President has approved a joint proposal provided by the CTL and the DMC to co-lead this effort, and he is excited about the potential of developing a national model for the support services, professional development, technology use, research on active learning, and other ideas we proposed in our statement. The building is set to open in September 2010, and I will actively solicit your involvement in this project. It is a great example of a high profile, university level project that we’ll reap some benefits from in the coming years.


This is very exciting! Is there any possibility of moving back there as well?

This is great, especially given that President Bruininks approached us to submit a proposal.

Dave, could you post the proposal that he approved so we can learn more?