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July 23, 2009

"Celebrate U!" event at TCF stadium joins CTL visibility effort!

As many know, CTL will be promoting our services to the University community on August 25, from 2-6 at the new TCF Bank stadium. 10,000 people are expected in attendance! In addition, the Celebrate U! event will be taking place at the same time(!) What a coincidence! Celebrate U! is an appreciation event for staff and faculty. All are welcome! For more information, see

Administrative Support Team items

1. The book request form is now in an online form format located on our moodle.

2. Hand sanitizers are now available in the copy room; help yourself.

3. New employee expense reimbursement form is in the forms section

Welcome ITA staff and IT TALK!

Welcome to ITA staff who will be returning on July 27th in preparation for IT TALK, which begins Monday, August 3rd!

July 17, 2009

Leadership group and strategic planning

The Leadership group continues to work diligently on strategic planning. If you would like to see how things have developed since the staff retreat, take a look at the moodle site under:

1) general, committees, leadership

2) general, high profile initiatives

feel free to contact leadership committee members if you have any questions or suggestions. thanks!