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My Pugh chart! it seemed that three of the products were comparable to each other, while the pocket stick ons and straps were more peripherals or accessories to the main backpack product ideas.


The modular backpack won out the Pugh chart pretty easily. perhaps i could add the moldable straps as a extra feature? maybe that would be "shoehorning" features, as they say.

And here is me trying to learn to talk some sense into this product idea

Movie on 12-9-13 at 2.07 PM.mov

I also wanted to try a hand at making a 3d model of the modular pack. it's pretty rough since I was learning how to use this online program I found. hopefully with further development this could help communicate the idea better.

Thumbnail image for Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 11.49.28 PM.png

Maybe call this AXIO from the design layout i created?


Top Ten Ideas (updated)

  • Modular compartments
  • 6 would buy the product (liz, jonathan, lauren, jordan, guy from midwest mountaineering, nic); price (respective order): 130, 150, 70, 50, 175-85, 50
  • Turtle shell pack (front and back pack)
  • no one really was fond of the bag being in front, making them look silly; no price given
  • Moldable body conforming pack
  • 4 would buy the product (lauren, jordan, liz, austen); price (respective order): 50, 50, 90, 65)
  • Rotating swivel bandolier bag
  • only one liked this idea (lauren); would purchase as a day bag at 20
  • Puffy Jacket with jumbo foldable backpack in back pocket
  • 3 would buy this product (meron, terry, nic,
  • Interlocking capsule pack
  • no takers on this one...
  • Stackable compartments combing in into one large capsule
  • zilch (this would have been better as a novelty item and not for my intended purpose)
  • Moldable straps that go down your central torso
  • Stick on pockets

These were the top five (by default?) ideas listed from my surveys

  1. Modular compartments

  2. Moldable body conforming pack

  3. Rotating swivel bandolier bag

  4. Puffy Jacket with jumbo foldable backpack in back pocket

  5. Moldable straps that go down your central torso


A lot of backpacks have this option as regular pockets inform of the main compartment, but wouldn't it be nice to customize the amount of pockets you might need or not need? and attach anywhere you feel comfortable reaching?

So I went and did a little research to see if this feature would be plausible and original idea.

Modular trek pack (features):

  • Modular compartments/pockets that can be detached attached in any arrangement for day trips, serious field work and traveling
  • Has organizers that one can specialize what items they contain
  • Uses a locking slide on/buckle system to interlock with one another
  • Main backpack frame is a flat net system/ net web
  • Builds up vertically for better trekking support but can be staked horizontally and on sides
  • Add on compartments can be attached onto one another

This idea seems to fit the areas of NUF pretty nicely

Boxes are used as a rating out of five 'blocks' for processing in my mind.

NOVEL: [][][][][
This idea seems pretty unknown to many people i've asked around, and
there seems to be an absence in the revel, outdoor and biking stores i've been visiting.
More research should be done to see if this idea has been conceptualized though...

FEASIBLE: [][][][
With good craftsmanship and experimentation this product should be pretty reasonable
to obtain. Making it comfortable and concentrating on ease of use would be factors to consider.

USEFUL: [][][][][]
Why the Heck not?! i feel that this could be really versatile option for users who wear many hats and makes the need to have more than one backpack obsolete. One essential go to bag!


The tried and true test of originality comes in the form of a simple internet search. i was excited- but also worried- about what results I would find. I was so sure that modular backpack was a novel idea, and it sort of... wasn't.... SORT of.

the search for 'modular backpack' led me to this

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.32.41 PM.png

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.33.15 PM.png

a lot. of. military. bags.

One backpack was a commercial type backpack, one that was inspired from the military/police style modular style. 'The Mission Arkiv System Bags.

2x2 arrangement for Modular Paks

Modular Backpack Fixed Costs:
45' X 52' sheet of 15 Mil Polyethylene Hay Tarp: $300-550 a sheet
Cordura fabric: $10.99 per Linear Yard
Assorted pack of Zippers: beginning from $7.99
Buckles: $8.99 for a ten pack
Denier nylon: $9.95/10 yds

I applied this process the rest of my ideas: a lot of items didn't exactly match an idea, so i searched for specific properties; like for moldable strap insoles i searched the material properties instead, which lead me to find various mold insulation products.

Stick on pockets


Fixed Cost
45' X 52' sheet of 15 Mil Polyethylene Hay Tarp: $300-550 a sheet
Cordura fabric: $10.99 per Linear Yard
Assorted pack of Zippers: beginning from $7.99
Buckles (for clipping onto exterior of bag): $8.99 for a ten pack

Rotating swivel bandolier bag


Fixed Cost
45' X 52' sheet of 15 Mil Polyethylene Hay Tarp: $300-550 a sheet
Cordura fabric: $10.99 per Linear Yard
Assorted pack of Zippers: beginning from $7.99
Buckles: $8.99 for a ten pack
Denier nylon: $9.95/10 yds

Puffy Jacket with jumbo foldable backpack in back pocket


Fixed Cost
Nylon: $7.95/ yd
Assorted pack of Zippers: beginning from $7.99
Buckles: $8.99 for a ten pack

Moldable straps that go down your central torso


Fixed Cost
Bulk Roll Insole Material 42"x48"x5/32": $62.99/ roll



This week our class went to Leonardo's basement to make some prototypes of our winter ideas. Here's mine!


This was a simple backpack assembly. There was foam used as a placeholder for comfort support. This definitely needs more development.... Well, A development at least.


I decided to use the substitute and combine methods to plan out ideas for my backpack product.

For the substitution I decided to replace --- with --- to see how the shape would play into wearing the pack.

here are some examples below:
Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 10.42.53 AM.png

These were some ideas drawn from the substitution method:

Lightweight modular Aerogel Pack

Untitled artwork_6.jpg

Pack that conforms to body shape; Curvature on back to shoulder and hips


Swiveling Bandolier


Since I wasn't able to attend logic pd for the brainstorming (check last post for reason) I decided to get into combinations.

These were some ideas coming from combining elements of ---, ---, ---, and ---


Combing wearable ideas, snap opening with the simple pocket opening idea i came up with a pack vest fusion


Wearable Jacket with pocket jumbo backpack

Untitled artwork_4.jpg

Fun modular capsule pack design

Untitled artwork.jpg

These were ten ideas that seemed more developed to draw even further development from. Soooome not as feasible, but a boy can dream right?

Mechanical telescoping arms that come out of pack for traversing tough terrain/ managing and using items


This was a fun one of using the rolltop and buckle opening

Untitled artwork_1.jpg

Triple capsule design (drawn from the modular capsule drawing

Untitled artwork_2.jpg

Metal frame pack with interchangeable magnetic locked sacks/bags. can use personal bags in place as well as stack more than one bag in the frame

Untitled artwork_3.jpg

and of course the ones mentioned earlier before





Untitled artwork_4.jpg

Untitled artwork.jpg

Long Distance Brainstorming


So this week I had a little trouble working on this assignment. I had gotten into a little accident and had to go to the ER...


BUT NO WORRIES! I am still alive and (sort of) back in action to post for my brainstorming blog post.


My two problem solution turned questions were:

1. How might a technical pack protect the user/items from strong weather (i.e. snowstorm)

2. What can give a technical pack easier access to items while giving extreme comfort?

With those problems in mind I decided to create an activity where my Participants could partake in their individual settings as I recover. I could only gather three whom i could contact by long distance. I phone conferenced them to attempt to:

A. take a backpack that they found to be the most comfy to them


B. dance in it with as much weight inside.

Participants could pick any song they wanted and they could let loose however way they felt. this would help them feel a bit more silly for the brainstorming while being able to physically understand the functionality of a backpack.


Song: Boss ass b**** by PTAF


"I felt a lot of imbalance in my dancing since the stuff in the backpack kept shifting around. if i had more stuff in it i know this would have thrown off my movements even more. the strap helped keep it stable, i know if i didn't have that then i would have had more issues with the bag flying around. after the song i felt the straps dig into the area between my neck and shoulders."

Song: Y.A.L.A. by M.I.A.


"While I was dancing the weight of the bag shifted with movement made. Not stable enough with amount of weight. With weight not evenly distributed it put stress onto my shoulders from the straps. Since I have back problems it didn't releave pain from my spine. The backpack may need cushioned shoulder straps and more durable material to be able to hold more weight."

Song: Candy by Mandy Moore


"The weight of the bag was mostly at the bottom which would throw me off balance a tiny bit as I danced. The weight caused me to slouch more when dancing. My straps are pretty padded, but I'd imagine without them they'd cut into my shoulders quite a bit and be uncomfortable.

This image taken from an editorial for V magazine and shot by Terry Richardson. Post shooting, a long shower was taken in an effort to cleanse myself from that man."


My friends were a little embarrassed at the sight of being photographed dancing in solitude, but after they felt a little goofy and silly when I contacted them yet again. Hopefully this loosened up their silliness while getting the blood flowing through their head by feeling more active. I also asked them to keep these thoughts in mind while creating ideas for the brainstorming part of our segment.

Since I was in recovery this week I had to use other resources for my brainstorming ideas. I contacted some friends who were able to reach me via email or sharing a google document with what they had in mind. With my free time (and my freehand) I attempted to visualize the ideas and see how well my drawings fit my participant's ideas.

The participants were to think of any ideas to address the two solutions i wanted to cover. They could be as far fetch as as their minds would let them.

I told them to consider:
Anything can be possible. pretend we are in the future five millennia from now and anything could be accomplished. Ideas are the main importance, not the function (as of yet)

These are the ideas i received from each of them:

1st Tier: Connor-----------------2nd Tier: Lauren-----------------3rd Tier: Meron
Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.11.57 AM.png

after organizing the ideas i came up with three categories with overlapping categories between each of the main subjects:

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.35.21 AM.png

Weather protection AND Comfort support

Bodysuit backpack- by Lauren

Turtle shell backpack- by Connor

Jacket with packable backpack on back of jacket- by Connor

Backpack flotation device- by Meron

Inflatable shield coming out of backpack- by Meron

Accessibility AND Comfort/Support

levitating storage case that follows you around- by Lauren

stretchy, durable cargo net on backpack- by Lauren

straps with pockets for easy access- by Meron

Compressible Backpack- by Meron

modular storage backpack for additional pockets- by Lauren

bags, bags, BAGS!


Minnesotans (and the rest of the world) have a large abundance of outdoor activities, with backpacking having a huge following amongst many an explorer. Setting the theme for winter and I conducted some research on technical packs during winter.

I began with a few interviews with people whom i found to be experienced backpackers:

I met Liz, a hard working server and avid traveler during her free time. The following interview explains how she enjoys traveling on one backpack alone, that everyone should eventually have this experience for themselves. Liz has never backpacked during winter but had a few key points she addressed that caught my attention: backpack, called technical packs, come in different sizes for gender, and can be confusing to adjust to your body. eventually Liz said that she had to get a foldable roller when she stopped in Denmark during her eastern Europe journey because she couldn't handle the pressure on her shoulders, even with a waist belt.




My second interview came from Jonathan whom i ran into in uptown with this large backpack on him. Intrigued by this bag, I had few questions I wanted to ask him.

Jonathan is an avid bike commuter and has camped a lot. the backpack he had on him apparently was not suited for long periods of time, for expedition. however he does say that he bag he had on him was treated with wether proof canvas material but when he bikes rain can sometimes seep through the seams. another thing he added was the problem of weight shifting in the bag. depending on where things were placed the weight can be affected on your body. he mentioned that his bag was too wide and that having a vertical style bag would be best for weight distribution.



I went into midwest mountaineering later that day to get a more in depth look at different technical packs.


There wasn't much in the way of customers in the camping section, but it was there I met Dan, a sales associate and knowledgeable camper.

during the interview he suggested the best backpack would be one that would fit all seasons, be 'submersive' in water (including finding a way to protect the seams, he says that even though things are advertised as waterproof, it isn't completely a preventative way to get water (or melted snow) away from he seams of the bag. Apparently 'submersive' and waterproof are different levels of protection.

he also mentioned that lash points are great way to attach outside equipment to your pack, like adding lash points or daisy chains so you can attach skis or snowshoes. Dan also added that vertical packs are a good way to distribute weight, but to be careful in adding too much gear;the backpack should be lightweight for your body, waist belts and comfy straps would be a plus and that one should practice wearing a backpack before trekking somewhere.




Later on i decided to test out the backpacks i had at home to test our the weight issue.

I took on two of my bags: A north face base camp duffel and a chrome barrage cargo (for my everyday backpack i thought it would store a lot for packing light and traveling)

I stuffed as many heavy and useful things I could into the backpacks to see how it felt at max capacity.


The north face bag felt like it could hold so much, but it only had one area to store items, so quick access was going to be a bit tricky


there were only the to simple backpack straps which began to dig on me after a longer period of time wearing them. it might have been better to attach extra straps to see how weight distribution would have changed.

So i went on to the chrome backpack.



This one has extra straps for when I usually bike commute to school and i carry large amounts of stuff in tit and i personally have had to shift weight around to feel more comfortable.

i also added a hip pouch to the strap since there weren't many outside pockets for easy access on 'go-to' items. the pouch looks obnoxious, but seemed handy. i might even use this as a n actual pocket from now on...

A dry-sack was added to the cargo net on the backpack to see if more storage could be added without the affect of the backpack weight.



The weight felt a little heavier, with nothing really uncomfortable. perhaps i should add more stuff into the bags.


After messing around a few more times i went to brainstorm and took a cue from the post it not masters and organized main topics to look into for winter technical packs.


so the thoughts went from here...

to my wall...


and after a few more times rearranging the topics...


not yet...


Finally! i was able to cut these topics into a few categories of what a winter pack might need to be more useful.

Snow/Weather protection:






Maybe these will work? MINDMAP



Soooo.... Here's my mind map. The idea was based of the topic of winter. As you can tell I branched of three main ideas and delved into more specific topics within each topic. I even tried to include the idea that winter isn't always cold around the globe.

The three themes I wanted to explore was the versatility of traveling in different climates globally during the area of winter, the use of fur in a humane manner and in somewhat unconventional (and hopefully conventional? yeah?), and another factor combined from the ideas of heat/cold, resort/getaway, and the idea of convenience infused in the device as well.

From these ideas I attempted to connect topics/names from far reaches of my mind map. Results below:

Snow bunny + holiday tech + outdoor gear = Bunny muff headphone MP3 player


This bunny muff headphone is as cozy and warm as it is bad ass to wear. With expandable micro SD slots and radio bunny ear antennae to listen and communicate to other radio waves (in case you're stuck in a snow bank or other winter emergency), you will always have warm ears, a link to the world, and some entertainment wherever you go out on your winter journey.

Resort getaway + snow bunny = snow bunny sleeping mask


Don't be fooled by the cute costume like bunny ears. This set of snow bunny themed ears worn on the head can be used as a sleeping mask on that flight to Rio. With adjustable folding ears one can enjoy a good days nap to a good nights sleep.

Baby + camping + drinking liquor = heating/cooling flask bottle


this nifty boxed flask can be heated or cooled to your desired liquid temperature. the detachable temperature device can be cleaned separately. The cap of the flaskcan be used a small cup with a removable bottom.

Snow chores + heating = heated snow shovel


This shovel can make "splashes" on your everyday winter chores. with its twist grip switch, the end piece of the shovel can contact snow with heat and clear away snowbanks.

This may result in creating ice depending on the temperature... results may very

Seasaonal Affective Disorder + resort getaway = Getaway vizier


This device derived from the idea that one can be stuck in sad cloudy weather,and may not be able to escape for trips for various reasons. Since this could lead to S.A.D. this small visual getaway can boost energy and positivity in the viewer so they can have a pep in their step and a boost in their daily outlook.

Note: this may lead to viewer never leaving the vizier and gaining bad addictive habits to using device for longer unnecessary periods of time. Again, results may vary

Camping + fur + fur wearing issues = Campy cocoon


This cozy portable cot was made to be hung or set anywhere for your camping needs. It has an insulated lining and removable faux fur cover. you can go anywhere in the tundra with this cozy bad boy!

Snow gear + Resort getaway = Snow shoes/ Wake board


These show shoes can be combined into a wake board for when you're taking a trip down south, change in season, or on the other side of the globe.

Gloves + snow play + climate changes globally = Snow/Sand building gloves


These (creepy looking?) gloves are armed with sculpting tools to create figures out of sand an snow for wherever you're at. your imagination can soar farther with these scraping, sculpting and design tools embedded on the tops o each finer. the moisture wicking capabilities of the glove give it the ability to be worn in different weather settings.

Drinking + holidays + climate/temperature change = Martini Shaker w/ temperature gauge


A martini shaker (this may have been done?) with a built in temperature gauge to create the perfect beverage temperature flavor.

This may need more features to adjust the temperature or build on the heating/ cooling feature such as the flask from earlier.

Snow chores (ice pick) + winter clothing + fur = faux fur lined ice picking boot


Who says you can't have fun doing outside snow chores? with these boots you can kick away at the ice all you want. With faux fur lining to keep your feet warm you can play-er, work all day long. give some to the kids and have them hack away at while you enjoy a hot tea inside, perfection.

Note: this may be safety hazard for children to use. please use responsibly, results may vary.

cookies, cookies, COOOKIEES!



here are the ingredients as follows for the first try:

some butter

chopped onions

ramen noodles. yes, i'm trying to make ramen noodles taste good as a cookie, will it work?

pepper goes with anything right? even in cookies?

olive oil. this usually comes in somewhere during cooking/baking i think...

soy sauce

worchiester sauce

cause we all need that brown suga...



coffee. for me mostly, this is going to be a long night -_-

base cookie batch complete!

now for the yakisoba part:
added in the onions, soy and worchiester sauces for the noodles to be ready

ummm, tada?

let's do something about this:
added cream cheese. meh.

that didn't look so hot, so i'm going to try a different way of baking these babies
batch 2!

this time i baked the noodle sin the cookie batter and added a kale leaf for some reason.

they didn't turn out so well either...


i added two new ingredients to the mix and used a can for molding the noodles and batter

maybe i can do something with ginger, like chop and sprinkle on top of the cookie?

here's the end result. the batter tasted better, but i used too much ginger, and the overall cleanliness of eating the cookie would be terrible, so i scrapped this idea and went to the next one.

new ingredient batch!

the base cookie ingredients were the same so i just introduced a few new things.

cream cheese, dried apricots mango sorbet, and apricot preserves. waay different direction here

i also brought in some chili powder, cayenne pepper and vanille extract into this mix.

i've heard adding rum helps with a lot of things...

here's the new mix!

well... i got a muffin

lets change the size on that

alright the taste isn't so bad, not bad at all.

guess who's back??

i baked some ramen crumbles to add texture.

i'll have to add some finishing touches with some icing and it should be set for tuesday.

meanwhile i was thinking of adding apricots and banana crisps to the top of the iced cookie

here is the icing i made with shortening, mango puree, salt, and powdered sugar

and here are some seasoned bananas that i'm going to place in the oven.

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