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Soooo.... Here's my mind map. The idea was based of the topic of winter. As you can tell I branched of three main ideas and delved into more specific topics within each topic. I even tried to include the idea that winter isn't always cold around the globe.

The three themes I wanted to explore was the versatility of traveling in different climates globally during the area of winter, the use of fur in a humane manner and in somewhat unconventional (and hopefully conventional? yeah?), and another factor combined from the ideas of heat/cold, resort/getaway, and the idea of convenience infused in the device as well.

From these ideas I attempted to connect topics/names from far reaches of my mind map. Results below:

Snow bunny + holiday tech + outdoor gear = Bunny muff headphone MP3 player


This bunny muff headphone is as cozy and warm as it is bad ass to wear. With expandable micro SD slots and radio bunny ear antennae to listen and communicate to other radio waves (in case you're stuck in a snow bank or other winter emergency), you will always have warm ears, a link to the world, and some entertainment wherever you go out on your winter journey.

Resort getaway + snow bunny = snow bunny sleeping mask


Don't be fooled by the cute costume like bunny ears. This set of snow bunny themed ears worn on the head can be used as a sleeping mask on that flight to Rio. With adjustable folding ears one can enjoy a good days nap to a good nights sleep.

Baby + camping + drinking liquor = heating/cooling flask bottle


this nifty boxed flask can be heated or cooled to your desired liquid temperature. the detachable temperature device can be cleaned separately. The cap of the flaskcan be used a small cup with a removable bottom.

Snow chores + heating = heated snow shovel


This shovel can make "splashes" on your everyday winter chores. with its twist grip switch, the end piece of the shovel can contact snow with heat and clear away snowbanks.

This may result in creating ice depending on the temperature... results may very

Seasaonal Affective Disorder + resort getaway = Getaway vizier


This device derived from the idea that one can be stuck in sad cloudy weather,and may not be able to escape for trips for various reasons. Since this could lead to S.A.D. this small visual getaway can boost energy and positivity in the viewer so they can have a pep in their step and a boost in their daily outlook.

Note: this may lead to viewer never leaving the vizier and gaining bad addictive habits to using device for longer unnecessary periods of time. Again, results may vary

Camping + fur + fur wearing issues = Campy cocoon


This cozy portable cot was made to be hung or set anywhere for your camping needs. It has an insulated lining and removable faux fur cover. you can go anywhere in the tundra with this cozy bad boy!

Snow gear + Resort getaway = Snow shoes/ Wake board


These show shoes can be combined into a wake board for when you're taking a trip down south, change in season, or on the other side of the globe.

Gloves + snow play + climate changes globally = Snow/Sand building gloves


These (creepy looking?) gloves are armed with sculpting tools to create figures out of sand an snow for wherever you're at. your imagination can soar farther with these scraping, sculpting and design tools embedded on the tops o each finer. the moisture wicking capabilities of the glove give it the ability to be worn in different weather settings.

Drinking + holidays + climate/temperature change = Martini Shaker w/ temperature gauge


A martini shaker (this may have been done?) with a built in temperature gauge to create the perfect beverage temperature flavor.

This may need more features to adjust the temperature or build on the heating/ cooling feature such as the flask from earlier.

Snow chores (ice pick) + winter clothing + fur = faux fur lined ice picking boot


Who says you can't have fun doing outside snow chores? with these boots you can kick away at the ice all you want. With faux fur lining to keep your feet warm you can play-er, work all day long. give some to the kids and have them hack away at while you enjoy a hot tea inside, perfection.

Note: this may be safety hazard for children to use. please use responsibly, results may vary.


Hey man!

Let me start off by saying that your drawings look pretty good! Great job with that. The temperature alternating bottle is also a very neat idea. I would actually consider buying one if there was an affordable one out there! Also, the ice picking boots are a fun way to encourage snow shoveling. (and they have fur lining?!) The getaway vizier is a good way to relax even in a stressful Minnesota winter!
As far as improvements, I would suggest to maybe make the blog a lighter/more comfortable color. Having it this dark may cause the reader problems (like it did for me) reading the thread. Also, if you could crop out the 'badly scanned' portions of your drawing, that would give them even more appeal.
Great job,

Hi Kirby,

I appreciated the effort you put in to make your mind map more colorful and illustrative than most! However, because of the picture quality/angle combined with the amount of text in your cursive handwriting, it was hard for me to pick out most associations. I was also confused about what the three main ideas that you initially started with on the map were. I think a mind map is most successful when you start without preconceived categories and just let your associations flow. I found your product ideas to be more practical than silly—which is good thinking, too! It was helpful that you provided a detailed description of each product below the image. You put in good effort to crop the images professionally, but there is still a corner shadow that is off-putting. It appears that you must have taken photos of the sketches, and perhaps scanning the images would resolve that problem for you. You should also note your three chosen subthemes in your post. I also agree that the black background is a bit harsh. A clean slate with pops of boldness and color would appear more modern and legible in a blog, in my opinion. Overall, I think you did a great job on this assignment and improved greatly from the last.

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