This week our class went to Leonardo's basement to make some prototypes of our winter ideas. Here's mine!


This was a simple backpack assembly. There was foam used as a placeholder for comfort support. This definitely needs more development.... Well, A development at least.


I decided to use the substitute and combine methods to plan out ideas for my backpack product.

For the substitution I decided to replace --- with --- to see how the shape would play into wearing the pack.

here are some examples below:
Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 10.42.53 AM.png

These were some ideas drawn from the substitution method:

Lightweight modular Aerogel Pack

Untitled artwork_6.jpg

Pack that conforms to body shape; Curvature on back to shoulder and hips


Swiveling Bandolier


Since I wasn't able to attend logic pd for the brainstorming (check last post for reason) I decided to get into combinations.

These were some ideas coming from combining elements of ---, ---, ---, and ---


Combing wearable ideas, snap opening with the simple pocket opening idea i came up with a pack vest fusion


Wearable Jacket with pocket jumbo backpack

Untitled artwork_4.jpg

Fun modular capsule pack design

Untitled artwork.jpg

These were ten ideas that seemed more developed to draw even further development from. Soooome not as feasible, but a boy can dream right?

Mechanical telescoping arms that come out of pack for traversing tough terrain/ managing and using items


This was a fun one of using the rolltop and buckle opening

Untitled artwork_1.jpg

Triple capsule design (drawn from the modular capsule drawing

Untitled artwork_2.jpg

Metal frame pack with interchangeable magnetic locked sacks/bags. can use personal bags in place as well as stack more than one bag in the frame

Untitled artwork_3.jpg

and of course the ones mentioned earlier before





Untitled artwork_4.jpg

Untitled artwork.jpg



I found your blog quite visually appealing. Your use of various media made the experience more enjoyable. The use of photoshop and excel did an excellent job of displaying your ideas. The one criticism that I have is that I would have liked to have seen a little more text. Your process is well documented visually, but a few more sentences in how you got through it would have been helpful. You came up with some viable options and I would like to know more about them. Overall I think the visuals were very well done, but could have benefited from a little more text. Great visuals though

I would have liked to see all your revision of a product for scamper, not just a few examples from substitution and combination. I worry that since you don't use a standard color throughout you sketches that it is not as cohesive as a blog as it could be. The color might also affect how a person perceives your product. If you are adding color you should color them all or not do it. At the bottom where you displayed your top 10 ideas it would have been nice to have a heading that was typed out, my apologizes, but the purple writing is quite hard to read. Other than that you blog is visually engaging.


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