Long Distance Brainstorming


So this week I had a little trouble working on this assignment. I had gotten into a little accident and had to go to the ER...


BUT NO WORRIES! I am still alive and (sort of) back in action to post for my brainstorming blog post.


My two problem solution turned questions were:

1. How might a technical pack protect the user/items from strong weather (i.e. snowstorm)

2. What can give a technical pack easier access to items while giving extreme comfort?

With those problems in mind I decided to create an activity where my Participants could partake in their individual settings as I recover. I could only gather three whom i could contact by long distance. I phone conferenced them to attempt to:

A. take a backpack that they found to be the most comfy to them


B. dance in it with as much weight inside.

Participants could pick any song they wanted and they could let loose however way they felt. this would help them feel a bit more silly for the brainstorming while being able to physically understand the functionality of a backpack.


Song: Boss ass b**** by PTAF


"I felt a lot of imbalance in my dancing since the stuff in the backpack kept shifting around. if i had more stuff in it i know this would have thrown off my movements even more. the strap helped keep it stable, i know if i didn't have that then i would have had more issues with the bag flying around. after the song i felt the straps dig into the area between my neck and shoulders."

Song: Y.A.L.A. by M.I.A.


"While I was dancing the weight of the bag shifted with movement made. Not stable enough with amount of weight. With weight not evenly distributed it put stress onto my shoulders from the straps. Since I have back problems it didn't releave pain from my spine. The backpack may need cushioned shoulder straps and more durable material to be able to hold more weight."

Song: Candy by Mandy Moore


"The weight of the bag was mostly at the bottom which would throw me off balance a tiny bit as I danced. The weight caused me to slouch more when dancing. My straps are pretty padded, but I'd imagine without them they'd cut into my shoulders quite a bit and be uncomfortable.

This image taken from an editorial for V magazine and shot by Terry Richardson. Post shooting, a long shower was taken in an effort to cleanse myself from that man."


My friends were a little embarrassed at the sight of being photographed dancing in solitude, but after they felt a little goofy and silly when I contacted them yet again. Hopefully this loosened up their silliness while getting the blood flowing through their head by feeling more active. I also asked them to keep these thoughts in mind while creating ideas for the brainstorming part of our segment.

Since I was in recovery this week I had to use other resources for my brainstorming ideas. I contacted some friends who were able to reach me via email or sharing a google document with what they had in mind. With my free time (and my freehand) I attempted to visualize the ideas and see how well my drawings fit my participant's ideas.

The participants were to think of any ideas to address the two solutions i wanted to cover. They could be as far fetch as as their minds would let them.

I told them to consider:
Anything can be possible. pretend we are in the future five millennia from now and anything could be accomplished. Ideas are the main importance, not the function (as of yet)

These are the ideas i received from each of them:

1st Tier: Connor-----------------2nd Tier: Lauren-----------------3rd Tier: Meron
Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.11.57 AM.png

after organizing the ideas i came up with three categories with overlapping categories between each of the main subjects:

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.35.21 AM.png

Weather protection AND Comfort support

Bodysuit backpack- by Lauren

Turtle shell backpack- by Connor

Jacket with packable backpack on back of jacket- by Connor

Backpack flotation device- by Meron

Inflatable shield coming out of backpack- by Meron

Accessibility AND Comfort/Support

levitating storage case that follows you around- by Lauren

stretchy, durable cargo net on backpack- by Lauren

straps with pockets for easy access- by Meron

Compressible Backpack- by Meron

modular storage backpack for additional pockets- by Lauren



First, I hope you are doing alright! Second, I cannot believe that you were still able to make this all work while you were recovering. Kudos to you.

I really enjoyed the idea generation tool that you used to help your participants feel more creative. That was a great idea to incorporate your product of focus into this activity so they could be thinking about the backpack while still having fun.

Since you had some restrictions, I like how you had everyone send their ideas to you. I am glad that you looked for themes within their ideas before you sketched them as well.

Cool ideas were generated, I would have just liked clearer pictures.. :)


Hi Tebeje,
You truly inspired us by doing this assignment in a much more innovative way without having to give excuses for the tragedy you had. Hats Off!

Regarding your "How Might We" questions, it was little off than what was expected. Example for Problem #1, would it be better if you had " How might we protect the user/items in the technical pack from strong weather? ". Similar note to the second problem statement.

You had come up with a really innovative warm up session that has dual advantage. Did you get a feedback on how the participants felt about it?

It was unfortunate that you could not conduct a real brainstorming session with your situation, but excellent job of pulling all things together needed for this assignment with the documents from the participants. As mentioned in class, I think as you recover fully you should consider conducting an actual brainstorming session and see how that goes if possible. Although the 10 ideas presented were interesting, I wish if there were few that were distinct from all of them. The images are somewhat blurry and hard to read.

-- Shiv

Sorry about your accident, hope you are feeling better!

Regarding your blog post. I thought it was laid out in a very linear manner with a clear process being established. I thought that a lot of ideas that came from your participants were great! I do wish that there were some ideas that are more unique and less obvious though. Also I thought that your game was pretty innovative and got their blood flowing and let them, let loose. I think that not caring about the logical ideas does help come up with more creative ideas. Overall great post.

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