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My Pugh chart! it seemed that three of the products were comparable to each other, while the pocket stick ons and straps were more peripherals or accessories to the main backpack product ideas.


The modular backpack won out the Pugh chart pretty easily. perhaps i could add the moldable straps as a extra feature? maybe that would be "shoehorning" features, as they say.

And here is me trying to learn to talk some sense into this product idea

Movie on 12-9-13 at 2.07 PM.mov

I also wanted to try a hand at making a 3d model of the modular pack. it's pretty rough since I was learning how to use this online program I found. hopefully with further development this could help communicate the idea better.

Thumbnail image for Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 11.49.28 PM.png

Maybe call this AXIO from the design layout i created?

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Wow, how nice your 3D model is!. Did you make this with Solideworks?
I am sorry that I have to leave at 3:45 this Tuesday. So, I didn't have a chance to see your pitch presentation. It is good to watch the video here. I think you did a really good job on this. You covered a lot of good things and important aspect with clearly speaking. From your description , I can see a good backpack in front of my eyes. But I still want to know more about your research on this market, and maybe some more information about the cost.

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