Technological Emergence

Raoni Rajao

The Digital Jungle: The Role of GIS in the Sociomaterial Creation of Deforestation in the Amazon

Dr. Raoni Rajao presents his research on the intersections of technology, rhetoric, and deforestation in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil.


Rajao describes the rhetorical disconnect that happens when Brazilian park rangers try to convince farmers in the Amazon rain forest to stop practices that result deforestation. However, what we in the north call "deforestation", farmers in the Amazon are likely to see simply as "farming."

This results in different versions of deforestation clashing with each other. For example, farmers might claim that the deforestation is the result of accidental fire, but rangers argue that if you plant seeds where a fire occurred, this is evidence that the deforestation was intentional.

View his video introduction and the colloquium question and answer session here.

Following Raoni's presentation, participants from the colloquium asked him to discuss his work. Questions covered topics such as "enacting reality," "multiple ontologies," and the wider historical context of Raoni's work. Watch the Q&A video here:

Below are photographs from Dr. Raoni's field work:



You can also read more of Dr. Rajao's papers.

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