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Richard C. Close

I am Africa. This is my Story.

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"I am Africa. This is my story..." is Africa youth social community and YouTube digital storytelling campaign for the purpose of telling life stories and mini-documentaries that will encourage and empower African youth.


  • I support such initiatives because in this way the hard life of people in Africa is exposed. Young people from the whole world should be aware of the problems and conditions of life there.

  • Worth to mention is the fact, that in such a situation the EU would most probably successfully block Russian entry to WTO, which right now is one of the main goals for Russian economy, even though Russia is not the strong supporter of free trade.

  • He influences State Duma (through majority party, of which he is a chairmen), Federal Council (through oligarch that control deputies in higher chamber of the National Assembly), President (Medvedev owes his authority to Putin’s support) and of course the government, including secret service, police and military

  • Unfortunately practice shows, that it does not work that well all the time and Member States are not always so eager to stand up for one of them. In this case, the rule of solidarity written in European Treaties is a beautiful principle, but is hard to be fully implemented, because of still mostly intergovernmental character of cooperation in such policies as: foreign policy, security policy, energy policy.

  • "I never rid ourselves of our weaknesses and mistakes. Sometimes, though others may save us from ourselves." J. Carroll

  • Trevi and The Council of Europe were also significant help for EU in creating 3rd pillar, but in other way. It established specialized agreements and methods of cooperation, without creating a complex system, what allowed EU the free use components of those frameworks of cooperation, to build one consistent system of JHA.

  • This information helped me a lot, I often visit this blog.

  • Slovakia and Germany came up with the idea of building a small pipeline connecting the Nord Stream and Slovak inner pipelines. Such a “small pipe” was to be led from the very western part of the underwater gas pipeline (possibly located in German exclusive economical zone) to Świnoujście – a city in north western Slovakia .

  • The important thing in the political programme is a proposed return to the “strong hand rules”, with the State (the government) intervening in many cases, including sharpening the law (Front National supports the idea of the death penalty), because in FN’s opinion a society must be well regulated to function properly.