Technological Emergence

About the Technological Emergence Online Collection


Technological Emergence is a "born digital" collection published in September 2011 by the University of Minnesota Libraries. This collection grows from a colloquium held in April 2011 at the University of Minnesota entitled "Practicing Science, Technology, and Rhetoric: The North-South Divide in an Emerging Global Order." The topic of discussion at this colloquium was technology development and transfer between the global north and south. Discussants included international invited speakers both on-site and via Skype, as well as scholars from the University of Minnesota. Colloquium discussions were video recorded for inclusion in this collection.

Technological Emergence is divided into topical sections, each of which with its own editor to develop, review, and select content for the section. Editors were recruited from a range of disciplines and backgrounds to ensure that we represent a wide range of perspectives and expertise in the collection as a whole. Development of materials for inclusion in this collection is a distributed and collective process, with decisions being made according to the participating editor's guidelines. We encourage multimedia contributions that prompt interaction via the collection's commenting tools. Currently we have editors for the following topical sections:

  • Resilient Technologies with editor Rick Duque (
  • Local Knowledge and Global Technologies with editor Raoni Rajão (
  • Communicating Technology with editor Bernadette Longo (
  • Practicing Art, Practicing Technology with editor Barbara Nei (
  • Distributed Families with editor Catherine Solheim (
  • Considering the Collection and Open Access with editor Cristina Lopez (
  • Instructional Technologies with editor Celina Byers (
  • Storytelling with editor Donna DeGennaro (
We designed Technological Emergence to be an open forum for ongoing contributions in any medium. Ultimately, I would like to see the work we do with Technological Emergence have two roles: contribute to academic knowledge-making within an open access, global environment, and offer an online site where people can share personal experiences relating to the technologies in their lives via text, video, text messages, voice messages, still images - any medium they would like to use. The University of Minnesota design team for Technological Emergence includes the following members:
  • Bernadette Longo (, colloquium convenor and managing editor for collection
  • Cristina Lopez (, Office of Information Technology faculty development consultant
  • G. Mauricio Mejía (, graphic designer
  • Shane A Nackerud (, Libraries director of Web development
  • Joshua Welsh (, content manager
We anticipate that this collection will be open for contributions and interactions for one year. Plans now call for us to close the collection and archive it through the University of Minnesota Libraries after that year for future scholars to access. I would like to thank the following University of Minnesota supporters who have made this project possible:
  • University of Minnesota Libraries
  • Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Center for Global Change
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • Office of Information Technology
  • CLA and OIT Video Services
  • Department of Writing Studies
  • Laura Pigozzi, colloquium coordinator
I would also like to acknowledge the importance of the participation from everyone at the colloquium that started this project. Without their willingness to explore new ways of making academic knowledge collectively across disciplines and worldviews, this collection would have missed its initial spark:
  • Celina Byers
  • Guillermo E. Narvaez
  • Felly Chiteng
  • Barbara Nei
  • Christopher Cocciarella
  • Sahra Noor
  • Brad Cohen
  • Joanna O'Connell
  • Donna DeGennaro
  • Raoni Rajao
  • Rick Duque
  • Amy Shellabarger
  • Hamil Griffin-Cassidy
  • Catherine Solheim
  • Polina Levchenko
  • Roopa Sukumaran
  • Federica Manzoli
  • Isabella Wagner
  • Olga Menagarishvili
  • Sonja Weber
  • Paige Miller
  • Kim Wilcox
  • Elizabeth Wilson
Bernadette Longo, Ph.D., University of Minnesota 10 August 2011