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Analysis: Structure

Take a closer look at Friday's story about the child's meat grinder accident.

The author decided to not to structure his story in the typical inverted pyramid format, putting the most important information first and the next most important information second, then the third, etc. Instead, he chose to write his story in a prose format.

He begins with the sentence, "Sue Krumrey had funneled the first of three tubs of beef trimmings into a whirring, motorized grinder. She reached behind her to grab the second tub." This does not answer the typical who/what/where/when questions that are usually addressed in the lead. He then goes on to tell the story of the accident as it progresses, from the time the mother was using the grinder up to the time of the surgery.

This is an effective way to write the story. Even though the information is not presented in order from most important to least important, the reader still gets all the information he or she needs to know. The prose-style narrative effectively gets the reader to continue reading. It's suspensful, just like a novel or short story might be.