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Child's hand mangled in meat grinder

A 5-year-old boy's hand got caught in a meat grinder on Tuesday, prompting an emergency surgery, the Star Tribune reported.

Wyatt Krumrey of Buffalo Lake, Minn., 80 miles west of the Twin Cities, accidentally put his hand in the machine when his mother turned away for a split-second.

When Wyatt screamed, his mother unplugged the grinder and called 911, while his father began unscrewing parts of the grinder to free Wyatt's hand. They wrapped the hand in towels, his index finger dangling.

They met the ambulance on a rural rood and sped toward the Twin Cities.

Surgeons at the Hennepin County Medical Center spent 10 hours repairing the boy's nerves, blood vessels, and bones.

Wyatt's finger did not need to be amputated.

The Krumreys have a long tradition of butchering meat at their family farm.

It is unknown whether the little boy, who loves playing with monster trucks and feeding the pigs, sheep, chickens and cows, will regain use of his right hand.