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Road rage turns violent

A road rage incident near Shakopee on Wednesday turned violent when an enraged driver pulled a woman from her car and threw her onto the street during rush hour traffic, the Star Tribune reported.

Jennifer Boulden, mother of five from Prior Lake, missed her exit on Hwy. 169 south of Shakopee and made a U-turn, angering another driver. The driver honked this horn at her and motioned for her to pull over.

She pulled onto the shoulder, and the man came over to her window and started screaming. He then turned away to walk back to his truck, and Boulden followed him, apologizing. The man started swearing, and she became frightened. She tried to call 911, but the man grabbed her phone and threw it to the ground. The phone shattered.

The man then picked Boulden up and threw her onto the road.

"I remember rolling over and hearing skidding brakes. A lady got out and stopped traffic. A man ran and scooped me up and carried me to side of road," Boulden told the Star Tribune.

State Patrol Lt. Mark Peterson said that incidents of road rage are becoming more frequent, especially during rush hour.

The man sped off in his truck before anyone could get his license plate number. Witness descriptions on the man and the truck were varied.

Boulden was released from the hospital on Thursday.