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Super Tuesday results: McCain, Clinton emerge on top

The Super Tuesday results are in: Republican John McCain and Democrat Hillary Clinton are their respective parties' front-runners for the presidential nomination, USA Today reports.

The current delegate count: for the Democrats, 1000 for Clinton and 902 for Ill. Sen. Barack Obama; for the Republicans, 703 for McCain, 269 for Mitt Romney, and 190 for Mike Huckabee. It takes 2,025 delegates to win the Democratic nomination and 1,191 delegates to win the Republican nomination.

"We intended to be competitive and we were," Clinton said. "And I think the result last night proved the wisdom of my investment."

Although McCain and Clinton appear to be leading, the campaign is far from over. McCain announced he would return to the campaign trail Thursday with specific proposals for the economy.

Obama is far from bowing out. He will hold a major rally in New Orleans in order to gain support for the Lousiana caucus Saturday.