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U.S. Embassy in Serbia attacked

Serbian rioters, upset over U.S. support for Kosovo's independence, attacked the U.S. Embassy in the Serbain capital of Belgrade on Thursday, CNN reported.

The rioters attacked the building by throwing rocks, breaking windows and setting fire to the U.S. flag flying outside. Police responded by throwing tear gas at the demonstrators.

Kosovo delcared independence Sunday, and the United States was one of the first nations to recognize Kosovo's sovereignty.

Police found one charred body inside the Embassy, presumably one of the rioters. The only people inside the building at the time of the attack were U.S. Marines, all of whom are accounted for.

A Serbian magazine reported that 32 people were injured, including 14 police officers. Other sources, however, put the number of injured people as high as 107.

Other groups tried to attack the Turkish and British embassies, but those efforts were not successful.

Serbian officials called the attacks "regrettable."