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Writers' strike ends

Hollywood writers, who had been on strike since November, returned to work on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

The 10,500 members of the Writers Guild of America accepted the studios' offer on a new contract which gave them a bigger portion of fees charged for media distributed on the internet.

Writers will now get a flat fee of $1,200 for the first two years their content is streamed online, plus 2% of the distributor's gross in the third year.

The strike is estimated to have cost the film and television industry $3 billion in lost revenue.

Walt Disney Co., which own ABC, and General Electric Co., which owns NBC, have already announced that they would scale back fall TV pilots or cancel them altogether.

Fewer new shows means less nead for writers. "What we're all finding is there's a certain amount of, `OK, what are we going to do now?'" Shane Brennan, writer and executive producer for the CBS drama "NCIS" told the Associated Press.

This months Academy Awards ceremony, which was in danger of being boycotted by actors supporing the writers' cause, can now proceed as planned.