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U horticulture scientists create new apple

University of Minnesota horticulture scientists have created a new breed of apple called Frostbite, the Star Tribune reported Friday.

This is not the first U of M apple to be introduced to the produce market; the Honeycrisp, SnowSweet and Zestar all got their start at the U.

The scientists held a contest last fall to decide the name of the apple. About 7,000 people wrote in, and 12 independent contestants suggested the name Frostbite.

Frostbite has been part of a breeding program at the U since the 1920s and was only named recently.

The Star Tribune reported that Frostbite apples do "terribly" in taste tests, but are good for making apple cider.

Scientists will start grafting Frostbite apple trees this summer and planting them by 2010. The fruit won't make it to market until 2014.