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Analysis: Diversity

Take a look at the article Questions remain after fatal police chase in Minneapolis from Tuesday's Star Tribune.

The article is about a police chase that ended in the death of Hanna Abukar, a member of Minneapolis' Somali community. A 15-year-old boy was fleeing the police when he crashed his car into Abukar's, killing her and injuring her son and another boy.

The report does not use stereotypes about Somalis or immigrants. Terry Collins, the reproter, actually goes and talks to several Somalis, including Abukar's husband, in order to get all the information correct. He also uses police information to get the facts straight.

I learned several things from this article. Before reading this story I did not know very much about Somali or Islamic traditions. Collins' article taught me that Muslims do not speak for three days after the death of a loved one out of respect, something I didn't know before.

This article just goes to show that even crime reports can give valuable information about the customs and traditions of culturally or racially diverse groups.