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France outlaws media promoting eating disorders

French legislators adopted a bill on Tuesday that would levy a $700,000 fine against any website promoting eating disorders and offering starvation tips, the New York Times reported.

The bill has passed in the Parliament and now faces a Senate vote.

The measure comes in the wake of the 2006 anorexia death of Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston.

“We have noticed,? Valérie Boyer, the bill's sponsor, told The Associated Press, “that the sociocultural and media environment seems to favor the emergence of troubled nutritional behavior, and that is why I think it necessary to act.?

The French Federation of Couture has criticized the bill, saying that is unreasonble to legislate a person's body weight.

The French Socialist Party, which has also criticized the legislation, claims the bill was rushed too quickly through Parliament and that the wording is vague.

Eating disorder officials worried that news of the bill would publicize the eating disorder Web sites, worsening the problem.

The law does not specify whether the site creator or the Internet service provider would be responsible for any fine that would be levied on its provisions.