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Outbreak at WatersEdge - A Public Health Discovery Game

Outbreak at WatersEdge is an online educational game from the School of Public Health. The game explores aspects of Public Health by having the player find the source of a bacteria outbreak in a community. Players are exposed to tools of Public Health professionals and career options in Public Health.

Outbreak at WatersEdge also includes a teachers guide and health career exploration options.

Digital Natives may understand much less than we think

Eszter Hargittai, a professor and researcher at Northwestern University, discusses the assumptions many of us in higher education make about how much students understand about Web technology. She notes, for example, that few students understand what BCC (blind carbon copy) means or what RSS does.

Dr. Hargittai’s larger body of research relates to inequality and technology use. She has published on the demographic differences of users and non-users of technology and also on how people of different demographics use the same technologies in different ways.

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