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Summer Reading: Paperback, Audiobook, Kindle, or iPhone?

The author of this article finds that reading between these various formats enhances her experience of Dickens.

Reading Dickens Four Ways-The Chronicle of Higher Education

Corruption, for the low, low price of $3.95

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Inside Higher Ed is running a story on a website that will, for a small fee, sell students an intentionally corrupted file that they may then submit to an instructor in lieu of their paper. The logic here is that procrastination-prone students could buy themselves precious time to finish their assignments.

The New Student Excuse?--Inside Higher Ed

In an effort to curb high drop-out rates in online courses, some faculty at universities around the country have taken on the guise of fake students in their own online courses so as to spark discussion, monitor group work, and participate in the building of community.

While such tactics may be intended to address issues such as frustration, isolation, and anxiety, they also open up new questions about the ethical gray areas of privacy, trust, and relationship-building between faculty and students.

Online Professors Pose as Students to Encourage Real Learning--Chronicle of Higher Education

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