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Pranav Mistry presented a new way of merging the "real" world with the computer, data-driven world. Especially exciting for me was the demonstration at minute 10 of adding an image from a physical book, and a paragraph of text from another book, into a digital piece of paper. Except it isn't really a digital piece of paper.... You have to watch it to believe it.

Mistry's invention, which he calls SixthSense, uses a pocket projector, a mirror and camera. The user carries a mobile computing device in her pocket. The stream from the projector is captured and brought back into the device. He also applied sensors on his fingers that are read by the projects interface. The hardware for the prototype cost about $350.

Pranav Mistry is planning on releasing the source code for his device so other industries, NGOs, and developers can extend his invention further. Imagine what will come from the crowd-sourcing of this invention.

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