Will the iPad revolutionize education?

Last week's announcement of the Apple iPad was met with excitement from people of all walks of life, from ├╝bergeeks to grandmas. But there's been a lot of talk about the impact the tablet may have on one group in particular: students.


Apple has already secured partnerships with some big names in textbook publishing. Being able to download a textbook nearly instantly, at a fraction of the price (and negative environmental impact) of its paper counterpart, could open up access to many more students.

Mobility. Lots of college students have computers, many laptops, but few carry them everywhere on campus. The iPad could change that. It's light, it's thin and it's got a world of information in a tiny package. And it's impossible to forget your book!

Multiple media. More and more, classes are being supplemented with videos, audio, Web reading and more. This pulls all of these sources together for a student and could make it easier for a teacher to embrace the use of different media forms in teaching about a topic.

Educators so far seem to like the iPad's price tag: starting at just $499. It's cheaper than a laptop, comparable in price to many eReaders and (almost) does the work of both. This may make providing tablets for students--or expecting students to have them--possible.

And of course not everyone's sure the iPad will have much impact on education at all.

What other game-changing potential does the iPad have in education?

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