Federal government pushes for technology in classrooms and beyond

30327112.JPGEarlier this month, the federal Department of Education released a draft of its 2010 National Educational Technology Plan--which focuses on increasing and improving online learning in K-12 settings as well as higher ed.

Kids are using technologies heavily in non-academic areas of their lives, and the report details a desire to bring those technologies into classrooms to ensure that students learn the skills they will need to work and exist in an increasingly technology-driven world. It encourages partnerships between primary and secondary schools and higher ed institutions and lays out scenarios for students to finish high school courses in order to get into college and the ways increased technology in K-12 education will affect students and institutions as they transition into college.

The report and overarching strategy is part of a push by President Obama to raise the proportion of college graduates by a third to 60 percent and close the achievement gap among disparate groups.

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