20 by 20: Pecha kucha events at the University

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The University of Minnesota is hosting another event in the pecha kucha series on November 10, 2010. Organized around the theme Collaborative Learning Environments, the event will be at the Whole Music Club, 2-4:30 pm. From the 20 by 20 website:

How does collaboration deepen learning, teaching and research? How do technologies create possibilities for collaboration in our work? Educational technologies at the University of Minnesota offer many opportunities for students, faculty and staff to work together: online or face-to-face, synchronously or asynchronously. Yet technologies are not inherently collaborative--they only have the potential to foster collaboration. The key is to understand the potential of the technology being used and to develop skills and good practices in working with others. For the next session of 20 by 20, presentations will focus on the ways in which technology-enhanced collaboration enriches teaching, learning, research and work at the University of Minnesota.

By now, you have probably heard of "pecha kucha", a presentation format that consists of twenty slides that auto-forward after twenty seconds, transforming boring slides and long-winded presenters into fast(er) paced slides and a (hopefully) scripted presentation. Popular pecha kucha events have included the Ignite series in different cities, like Ignite Minneapolis and Ignite Baltimore.

You can view the two previous University pecha kucha events,
Open UMN and Google@UMN. They are also available from the University of Minnesota iTunes U site.

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