Guilty Thumbs


It makes you feel guilty but you still do it anyway. That statement can be made about a variety of human behavior but a new survey of students at the University of New Hampshire found it applies to texting in class.

The survey of 1,000 students at the university revealed high rates of texting during class, and plenty of guilt about composing the surreptitious messages. According to the survey, 80 percent of the students said they normally send at least one text message in each of their classes. University of New Hampshire business students conducted the survey for a marketing-research course.

Chuck Martin, an adjunct professor in the business school is quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education as saying the researchers expected to find that most students would, like them, want to be allowed to text during class.

But views among surveyed students were actually mixed, with 40 percent of students in favor of allowing texts, 37 percent opposed, and the rest neutral.

The survey showed women were more likely to send text messages than men. It also found, not surprisingly, texting in class distracted students from class material.

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