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Online instructor shares best practices for teaching online

books-on-comp.jpegTeaching a hybrid or online course requires different teaching strategies, in part because instructional methods can feel limited to the technology tools available. Using the tools commonly available in a course management system, like discussion, glossary and wikis to engage students and achieve positive learning results can feel like a major challenge. Choosing the appropriate activities and relevant tools to meet specific learning objectives is especially important in learning environments where face-to-face contact is limited or non-existent.

To provide an example of an instructor's success in creating meaningful learning activities using the tools in Moodle, Digital Campus spoke to Tani Bialek, an online instructor of 6 years. Bialek teaches both online and hybrid courses and has experienced firsthand the benefits of using technology to increase engagement and participation. She shares some of her best practices as well as useful advice to instructors considering teaching online.

iWant, iHave, iCan

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The exciting adventure of iPads & Education & how the people in the college of Education & Human Development have and are experiencing the iPad. Austin Stair Calhoun explains how students and faculty in CEHD have moved from iHave (the iPad) to iCan because of its different features, tools & apps to consume, to create, to learn & to teach.

For more information about 20 by 20: An OIT Pecha Kucha Event, see http://www.oit.umn.edu/programs/20-by-20. That web page provides an overview of the event and links to the Google Site.

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